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SyFyPortal has a source stating CBS will be picking up Jericho for a second season:

"A source tells SyFy Portal that CBS is expected to pick up "Jericho" for a second season, although it may move to a new night when fall rolls around. The show has had a tough time against competition such as "American Idol" on Fox this spring after its return, but the network has shown nothing but promise for the show, giving it a full season order when some thought it might be heading to the big one-season place in the sky."

This is good news for us, because heck, I still want to see what happens, don't you? And yes, I'm one of those "die hard fans" the article mentions.

Original article:

NOTE: I misspoke here, this was actually picked up for the last half of the first season, not the second season. So if you're reading this I hope you're not bummed out.

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Dogmeat (11 years ago) Reply


Will be quite surprising if they do, I'm used to the networks cancelling pretty much anything that doesn't conform to the strict norm of what's "in" at the time.

Although I guess the soapy aspects of Jericho help there. You wouldn't guess they're living in a post apocalyptic world if you watched it for 5 minutes...


quietearth (11 years ago) Reply

But hey, it does kind of conform to the "lost" scenario, although not as well written.


wilcoy (10 years ago) Reply

I'm glad cbs picked it up for a second season. I'm really getting into it now. I feel the series has been getting better in the 2nd half of this first season. This weeks episode was really good. Jericho had to fight another town to keep its farms and food supply. Also, I noticed they're riding horses to get around. I was wondering when the gas was going to run out. I wish though they could haved filmed in Kansas because the background in Cali looks nothing like Kansas.


quietearth (10 years ago) Reply

Hey Wilcoy, the email address is off so spammers cannot automatically read it off my pages. It shows "quietearth (symbol)", replace (symbol) with "@".


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Is there any new information since Jericho's cancellation? word of any other Networks trying to pick up the rights to Jericho?


quietearth (10 years ago) Reply

the latest is CBS plans to try and provide some sort of "closure" but no details beyond that. Click on the jericho tag on the right for the latest, I posted this a couple of days ago.

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