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quietearth [Celluloid 06.25.07] post apocalyptic trailer news

Wow this little comedic short has made the rounds lately. It's about two friends stuck together in an apartment after the end of the world and stars Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen. This movie has no IMDB entry, and I can't really find any news on it other then aintitcool says this is a trailer for a short film that will debut at film festivals later this year (but with no source), and another rumor stating this is an extra on the "Knocked Up" dvd, or that it might not be a movie at all, just a trailer. I hope it is a movie, it's hilarious. Enjoy.

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Wilcoy (13 years ago) Reply

That does look intersting. Man, it would be one thing to see the world around you destroyed but, being locked up with one other person for a long time i bet could be horrible and comedic. Especially when its not the opposite sex or maybe

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