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quietearth [Celluloid 07.20.07] post apocalyptic movie news

For a B movie, this looks incredible! An epic science fiction battle between good and evil, complete with puppets, this looks like it will be a cult classic. Oh man I'm so excited I can feel my heart palpitating.

Here's a short description:
"The religious-military organization EXORCIO DEUS MACHINE fights the evil forces of Satan in an aged crusade that has devastated planet Earth.

At the beginning of the story, our hero, the enigmatic Captain called The BARON, together with his loyal friend lieutenant ALEXANDER and Corporal BOGARDIS, carry out a dangerous mission behind enemy lines: to exterminate a group of female comrades who have been kidnapped by the diabolical Beast-RAGNAROK.

During the mission, THE BARON is taken prisoner by the witch lADY PERVERTVM and is tortured until she gets his sperm. LADY PERVERTVM uses THE BARON’s seminal fluid to fertilize the Beast- RAGNAROK with the aim that it should engender the most powerful and ultimate race of demons. THE BARON manages to escape but, blinded by his guilt, he begins a bloody Via Crucis which will start to reveal his true nature.

Here's the movie homepage but it's in spanish:

Does anyone else want to see this as much as I do?

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