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quietearth [Celluloid 08.15.07] movie news puppets

Yeah that's right, I said puppets. And not some sissy muppets but hand drawn puppets shown in a three dimensional style. The movie is described as "apocalyptic graphic novel meets Victorian-era toy theater". There's no release date set, but Sean Meredith (director/writer/producer/editor) let us know it probably won't be before Christmas! Seriously, this is amazing, you need to watch the trailer. Check out this synopsis:

"Dante’s Inferno is a subversive, darkly satirical update of the original 14th century literary classic. Retold with the use of intricately hand-drawn paper puppets and miniature sets, and without the use of CGI effects, this unusual travelogue takes viewers on a tour of hell. And what we find there, looks a lot like the modern world.

Sporting a hoodie and a hang-over from the previous night’s debauchery, Dante (voiced by Dermot Mulroney) wakes to find he is lost — physically and metaphorically — in a strange part of town. He asks the first guy he sees for some help: The ancient Roman poet Virgil (voiced by James Cromwell), wearing a mullet and what looks like a brown bathrobe. Having no one else to turn to, Dante’s quickly convinced that his only means for survival is to follow Virgil voyage down, down through the depths of Hell."

Here's the trailer:

Movie homepage:

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Miranda (11 years ago) Reply

The Puppet Movie for Dante's Inferno is an awesome show. The orginial story is written as a poetry and can be hard to read so watching this movie will help to understand Dante's work.

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