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quietearth [Celluloid 08.23.07] Russia zombies news

According to the Russian tabloid Pravda, Russia has been working on psychotronic weapons since the 1920's, specifically to control, incapacitate, or kill people. Psychotronics is a little-known study of the relationship between matter, energy, and consciousness. Russia has spent millions of rubles and apparently had thousands of scientists working on this in over 20 centers up until the 1980's. After the breakup of the USSR, these centers were closed. Apparently there are still several people currently working on the problem in Russia and they aren't the only ones. The USA, Spain, Israel and other countries are also delving into similar research. Hey it's a tabloid, but you never know. Better to be armed and safe, just in case, y'know?

Major-general of the reserve of the Russian Federal Custodial Service Boris Ratnikov says that he once saw a KGB’s classified document about potential threats and a psychotronic generator. The document said that the mechanism of a psychotronic generator is based upon the resonance of response functions of human organs, the heart, liver, kidneys and brain. Every human organ has its individual frequency response. When this frequency is used to affect the organ with E-field radiation this may cause acute cardiac decompensation, renal failure or inadequate behavior. Such attacks are usually targeted at unhealthy organs and may in some cases be lethal. It is said that the KGB spent millions of rubles during the Soviet era to conduct studies on a distanced medical and biological action of special radiation on troops and population.

Read the full story in English at Pravda:

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