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quietearth [Celluloid 09.06.07] apocalyptic news book

We previously announced this in our forums, but since it's getting close to release time, here you go! Ulises Silva, the author, contacted us today to let us know of a cool trailer they have which is aimed more towards the post apocalyptic crowd. Wilcoy and I have copies of the book and we'll be putting up a review sometime soon.

"Scribes have a gift. Whatever they write comes true. Misfortune. Theft. Even murder. Editors—covert specialists operating beyond the law—watch over them. Among the Editors, Io is the best, and the most ruthless. But on her way to her next assignment, something happens. Her phone rings—along with every other phone on the planet.

What would you do if you knew the world would end next week?
A single phone call to the world’s population asks this question. The same message appears on walls, TV screens, even flesh. Confusion erupt into chaos. Violence spreads like wildfire. Io discovers a Scribe named Nadie sent the message. But the message is only the beginning."

Amazon has the book available for pre-order and it ship's on November 15th.
Barnes and nobles will have it available in stores and on their website on October 28th.
But, if you really can't wait, Very Tragical Mirth, the publisher, will have an early bird sale available next Saturday!

Even better, here are some sample chapters:

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