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quietearth [Celluloid 09.14.07] zombies movie news

A priest holding two gats, it doesn't get much cooler then that. This beaut is coming out on dvd November 6th and tell me this synopsis doesn't sound cool: "Christopher, a former killer turned priest battles his own inner demons while Mary, a spirited recluse, battles the world. Thrown together, neither knows what brought them there or what is changing the neighborhood around them. Their search for answers forces them to confront hidden truths and a web of conspiracy. The ensemble cast includes a terrified Jehovah’s witness, an over the top ex-marine and his wife, two Asian Schoolgirls, and a massive killer pimp. It is a story of poetic justice, moral growth, cynical laughter and zombies." Oh, and yes we'll be getting a screener for review soon, woohoo!

Trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer trailer, yeah zombies.... Braaaaiiinnsss!

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