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quietearth [Celluloid 09.20.07] zombies movie news

In case you missed it, we reported on this awesome looking flick awhile ago. "Set in the village of Brandenburgischen, five young people are confronted with a very advanced strain of the bird flu virus which turns people into blood thirsty monsters (like zombies)."

Damir let us know that the movie is still in post-production and should be done by the end of October (which I am really looking forward to since I'm getting a screener). There's also going to be a new trailer in 2-3 weeks! Damir also graciously provided us with a couple exclusive clips from the vfx process, and just to note, these are without color correction or sharpening.

Here is our initial post complete with trailer.

Movie homepage:

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The Pork-Eater (14 years ago) Reply

Any word on the English language webpage yet?


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

Sorry Damir said maybe a month, but that's no ETA, just a guess.

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