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quietearth [Celluloid 09.26.07] movie news action

You can tell by the title this is a religious themed movie, and I'm guessing it's Catholic like the majority of them. It's out of Australia, and it packs a sweet punch, check the synopsis:

"A dark action/drama that takes place in the realm of purgatory. It reveals the struggle between Arc and Fallen Angels for control over the city and its population of reborn souls. At present, darkness rules and Gabriel, the last of seven Arcs sent to bring back light, must assume a human form. In the darkest places of the human soul, this lone Arc Angel's battle with his human feelings will prove as perilous as facing the fallen."

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

After watching the film I thought I do a good deed a write a review about the film. I understand that it's ultra low budget and that actors and directors has to eat...
But please don't do it on our small salary.
I think it's a CRIME to put this up along with other big budgetted movie. I think Angels are not to be used to CHEAT. The title is the only great thing about the movie.

GO to HELL!!! (I'm so pissed off)


dave (14 years ago) Reply

I am not so sure about the only comment I read about this movie. Dark and Low budget discribe pretty well what purgatory may be...!!! If any one here been there and back... doubt it.

I think the movie is good, good acting, good action. The story itself, well, from my point of view, (and if I get it) Gabriel give his life (suicide) which will put him in a direct stairway to Hell, He do love Michael and possibly the only way for him to have a chance to see him again and for sure the best way to face the Beast for some serious action (hope to see the follow-up).

The Bible may be use for many things, some good and oftenly some bad. For once we see Angel dealing with our poor Human state, GIVE Ours a break, Please Producers, make one more.



mark (14 years ago) Reply

I thought this was a cool movie. Very dark, but full of emotion. Pretty cool for only 150G. Hope there are sequels.


DataDream (13 years ago) Reply

First off I thought the movie was absolutely fantastic!

Obviously many people liked it based on the large cult following it has gained.

It far outshines the stated limited budget and I think surpasses many of the big budget films. It is dark and brooding and extremely well acted with amazing imagery.

Gabriel did not commit suicide as some have speculated. In fact he became a mortal giving up his Arc status. This information can be found on the films official site.

According to the site there was also an extended ending in Australia which I am kind of sad didn't make it into the U.S. release as it completely changes the ending. In the original ending; After falling Gabriel returns as a human to Jade in the loft to watch the sunrise. As I said this would have answered allot of questions if it would have been left in.

Also according to the site this is the first film in a trilogy - so yes there will be sequels.

I look forward to the following two films with great anticipation.

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