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quietearth [Celluloid 10.05.07] movie apocalyptic news

This one has the potential for being PA, at the end anyways, but it's really reminiscent of a twilight zone episode. All you TZ fans will know what I'm talking about after reading the description. This looks like it will have it's premier at Sundance on January 17th of next year.

"While getting ready for work, a NEWS ANCHOR catches HENRY's attention when he announces a world-wide catastrophic event that is a little over 90 minutes away. Henry calls his estranged 26 year-old son, John, and leaves a message begging him to swallow his pride and meet in the bomb shelter they built in the back yard years ago. Henry is soon joined in the shelter by his elderly neighbors, CHARLIE and ELIZABETH; a local school teacher named LACIE; DR. LUKE GREELEY, his wife SHELLEY, and their 8 year-old son LAWRENCE; and PASTOR FRANK GORDON, and his wife MARIA. Henry explains to the group that there is only enough room left for his son because the shelter runs on its own recycling air supply system that pumps enough air into the room to support 10 people. Any more than that and they'll "suck it up faster than it gets pumped in" and eventually all will die. When JOHN finally arrives, he is not alone. He enters with his pregnant 16 year-old girlfriend, JULIE, and his friend MACK. The sudden surplus of people raises the question "Who gets to stay and who do we kill?" After a great deal of debate over "First Come First Serve" vs. who has a right to be there, Charlie and Elizabeth volunteer to leave stating that they are the oldest and therefore have lived the fullest lives. As MAYOR FLEMMING, SHERIFF NEWTON, a couple of migrant workers named MIGUEL and ANGELA, and John's mortal enemies IAN and DOYLE arrive and the group's consciences finally prevail, allowing the newcomers to enter the shelter, the debate over who will be most needed when it comes time to repopulate the earth continues. As time runs out, tensions run high, causing debate over how to place value on a human life."

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