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quietearth [Celluloid 10.05.07] movie news horror

This has that dude from Lost playing the professor. Yeah I know how much more vague can I get. This looks like a serious gorefest, which makes me want to see it all the more.

"Hidden in his makeshift laboratory deep within a secluded forest, a scientist fallen into madness, has created the ultimate virus which he plans to unleash against our capitalist society. When his experiments on innocent victims dont go as planned, the abominations hes created break free and escape into the wilderness. The infection spreads as vultures devour the remains of his freakish monsters, transforming the birds into mutations driven by The Rage, an insane blood lust for human flesh. "

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Janet (10 years ago) Reply

this happened to me. My ginlirferd walked out on me just a week after i became spiritually saved . I believe that God allowed satan to commit this act. When we ask God to make us more faithfull, we are really asking for trials. Trials test our trust in God, if we lean on him through it, it will make us stronger in faith, and for the next trial. i think God was telling me that he comes first. James 1:1-4 helped me out with this a lot, its posted in the next comment.

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