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quietearth [Celluloid 10.09.07] movie short

Hey folks, we just got wind of some of the cool shorts that will be playing at Toronto After Dark. Oh and a little birdy told me there will most likely be 2 or 3 post apocalyptic shorts as well, so hold your horses!

All of these will be playing in their respective shorts program, the full lineup will be announced Friday at:

Zombie Jesus (man I'm going to hell for this)
Program: Cutting Edge Canada

Mary Maynard has returned to town to mend the relationship with her devout priest father. But Zombie Jesus has his own plans for their reunion. Compelled by the horror of Christ, Mary teams up with the local jew, Isaac in a desperate crusade to save Mary’s father.


It Came from the West a zombie puppet western
Program: Cutting Edge Horror

Virgil lives alone with his bully father and a mute bartender and he is being mocked by the two tough cowboys Eddie and Hank. Because of The Dark Butcher who has been terrorizing the local Indian tribe, the Indians see no other way, than bringing the dead to live by performing The Forbidden Rituals. When the Zombies suddenly attack the saloon, action begins and true characters are brought to daylight.

Homepage where you can also buy the short!

Eat The Parents a tale of mortality
Program: Cutting Edge Canada

It's zombies, I think you get the drift.

Writer/Director homepage:

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