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quietearth [Celluloid 10.08.07] movie review scifi

Year: 2007
Release date: Unknown
Director: David A. Prior
Writers: David A. Prior
IMDB entry: IMDB
Trailer: link
Amazon link: N/A
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 5 out of 10
Key Characters:
Captain Briggs (Ted Prior)
Turner (Jack Vogel)
Smith (James Brinkley)
McCune (Jim Marlow)
Falkner (Adam Stuart)

In the middle of a war which isn't specified, half a platoon of soldiers are sent out on an early morning mission, and upon arriving at the rendezvous point, find a deserted camp. Black visions blur in the forest surrounding them, and stranger things start to happen. They have gone through some type of tunnel and felt the unexplainable.

The Story:
The movie starts off in the middle of a firefight, presumably with some terrorists. We don't know exactly where the story is set, but this is only a short firefight, and they head back to camp. The Colonel is very happy with the results, and is sending them on a special mission in the AM. No details are provided, they will be given before heading out, but we don't get to see this part.

Heading to their destination, they end up at the entrance to a bamboo tunnel (which is part of why we can't confirm any location) which looks like a serious tactical exposure. Captain Briggs splits them up and they make their way through. On the other end, the whole team states they felt "weird", and shortly thereafter they hit the rendezvous point which is an empty camp. They discover all of their watches have stopped at the same time, they start seeing black wraiths in the forest, and it just gets weird from here..

The Rating:
I almost wish I hadn't seen Zombie Wars before watching this because I think it somehow affected my opinion. The reason being most of the same actors were in this film. All that aside, I have to say this movie definitely lives up to it's Twilight Zone style, and at times you have no idea what is going on, basically it isn't predictable.

I thought it was pretty decent. 6 out of 10!

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fuck u (12 years ago) Reply

ok, ur an asshole, this movie sucks!! Its horrible, there arent any zombies at all and it FUCKING BOORING!! Honestly man, if u liked this movie, ur the gayest person on earth!!


ZoMbIe LoVeR (12 years ago) Reply

this movie is the biggest shit i have ever seen.I wish i have the director in front of me so i could KILL HIM this is SHIT!!!! is awful is.. i have no words to describe this fucking movie it isnt have any sense, or history, and why the hell is a zombie in the art of the movie? the way, you are an asshole by giving it 6 points, it doesnt deserve nothing. just crap. I want my money back... and the director's head


(10 years ago) Reply

David Prior is not much of a director or script writer, but he does try.
Here he has achieved a rather pointless,weak, "twilight zone" type movie. Or should I say half a story? Watch it if you like to follow his work. Give it a miss if you like those brainless Zombie movies or Chuck Norris.


Chris (8 years ago) Reply

I went to the store to buy 'Lord or War' (quality Nicolas Cage film). The guy at the shop put 'Lost of War' in the case instead by accident. When I got home I thought I would give it a try anyway. What a bad decision. This is possibly the worst film I have ever seen. I would reccomend anyone to watch it just to see how bad it is.

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