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quietearth [Celluloid 10.12.07] Tuvalu post apocalyptic movie news

Thanks to Kevin Wheatley, the writer/director/star of Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell who came on our radio show tonight, you can listen to the interview here and unfortunately there was a time mixup, so the interview doesn't actually start until 15 minutes in.

Kevin divulges alot of cool stuff about the movie and the story so check it out! Now the best news of all is that Fox Studios is interested in making a tv series, they've gotten a writer who does alot of work for the scifi channel, and they are going to start pitching it to networks! So we may be getting another PA TV show soon! Sweet!

There's also a comic about Yul and Quincy, Tex's robotic protectors off the Beach Party website, and that's just part one. They are looking to actually publish part 2.

Also, in case you can't find one of the limited theater releases of the movie, the DVD will be dropping in January.

Movie homepage: (comic in the games and download sections)

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