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quietearth [Celluloid 10.12.07] post apocalyptic news video game

This an addition to the Virtual world Second Life where you get to play multiple types of characters. I don't know much about SL but I know it definitely isn't made for hardcore gamers, but anyways this is available starting tomorrow. The original article was at IGN.

Our very own Anglebender will be checking this out for us, so hopefully we'll be posting some more info about this soon.

Game homepage:

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Master5k (13 years ago) Reply

Sweet ...... but were is the orginal stuff? its nothing like the first!I want somthing good not crapy!!

Quote:When the rich rage war it`s the poor who die)


Lemondo (13 years ago) Reply

i love this game and it is poor and hott


tyler (13 years ago) Reply

dude so lame


hunter thompson (13 years ago) Reply

this will be fing awesome

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