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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 10.18.07] Tuvalu zombies news

This was a pilot made for CBS that eventually got cancelled, but the fact that it made it so far into the selection phase over there is a testament to the fact of how weird things are getting. Good for us eh? Maybe they'll take that reality crap off the air and put on something cool, like Waterworld the tv series, or even better, the QUIET EARTH TV SERIES, brought to you by Quiet Earth, the website with the mostest. Werd. Hahahahah. Ok Enough chatter:

"The show explores the emotional and societal ramification of loved ones coming back from the dead. You know, like in “Pet Sematary.” But by the end of the episode, the zombie thriller is crossed with a crime procedural. So small-town police detective Stevenson is given a murder to solve while zombies wander the streets. It's “ZSI.”

The “Babylon” brand of zombies are not all moany-stumbly like in most films about the living dead. But they remain, quite clearly, deceased—autopsy scars, open wounds, bad skin, worms, etc. The zombies walk back to their former homes. They talk to their former loved ones."

Clip 1

And more about this weirdness from TV Week.

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