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quietearth [Celluloid 10.18.07] zombies movie news

Ahhhh, zombies, Buddy Holly, it's as American as apple pie! This is scheduled for DVD release some time in 2008.

"The government has been conducting secret tests aimed at pioneering space-flight, by using a series of controlled atomic explosions the goal is to successfully propel a spacecraft into the cosmos, as a result very high levels of radiation are expelled. The project has been classified as Orion.

There has been a problem… Extremely high levels of altered radioactive material have leaked outside protected sectors. The possible result of this accident could be catastrophic. A temporary cover story is leaked to the local press, but it's only a matter of time before there won't be any way to hide it.

It's 1956 and anytown USA is about to become anything but normal.

Four friends are out having a typical evening of unwinding at the area's social hub, the roller-rink, a place filled with magic moments and meaningful memories. Bobby, a rebel wrapped in leather and blue jeans, the very definition of cool. Rosie, she's Bobby's girl, tough as nails but sweet as cotton candy. Jimmy, a closet bookworm just trying to fit in and the new guy in town. And Peggy Sue, cuter than a pail full of kittens, she's along for the ride and in over her head.

Performing live at the roller-rink is a yet unknown musical marvel, one of the first real rock 'n rollers, Buddy Holly himself. Buddy is in trouble, he's been on a losing streak and owes a bundle he doesn't have to the local hard-nosed book-maker… and it's time to pay or pray.

On the knife's edge of town the dead have begun to rise, re-animated and un-living, a terrible side-effect of dangerous experimentation. The music and squeals of joy coming from inside the roller-rink draws them near with a powerful hunger."

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