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quietearth [Film Festival 10.21.07] review

While this is currently available for purchase with english subtitles (see, I held off to watch it with a crowd at the fest. And I gotta tell you, this was not your normal crowd, it's college kids, counter culture types, etc.. you know, the kind of people that read this crappy site! They loved it and laughed through the entire film.

First, it goes off the post apocalyptic list, my mistake again. You might be able to loosely call it PA, but by our standards, no. This is an animation, mixed with cgi, and it starts with the diaper gang, a bunch of addicted pint sized gang members chasing after an armored tank full of juicybar's. The juicybar is a reward for, well, a scatological contribution to society's new energy form lets say. So the diaper gang is addicted, their chasing this big armored tank surrounded by cops which they slaughter, finally get into the tank and are rolling around in severe addiction like Scrooge in his money bin. This is when this cyborg cop shows up and and just slaughters the whole lot of em, and btw they are even wearing the diapers on their heads. The "camera" shot angles are amazing like cutting edge anime, showing things that would be physically impossible in a regular movie without cgi.

After all this we get intoduced to two hoodlums who the movie is named after, they are also addicted to juicybar's and live to get high. They get involved with this actress, some scumbag director, and another gang, and from there it heads downhill as the "actress" can produce tons of juicybars at will. Throw in a mad doctor who pieces creatures together from dead bodies, a hitler-esque female midget government type, more diapherheads, and this was one long, hilarious, action packed flick. It even had breakdancing!

While this is not for everyone as many would deem it vulgar, I'm surprised it hasn't found a bigger market in North America. It definitely deserves it! Especially with the many references to American movies, specifically Misery. There was one problem, the subtitles blended in with the animation at times interfering with reading. It gets a 7 out of 10!

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