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quietearth [Film Festival 10.22.07] review short

I just finished my beef shawarma, yuummy. Now onto business, among the many shorts which played at the earliest program today, only a few stood out, so I'll run those down for you:

First, we have of course our very own Anglebender's "Ambassador's Day" about two diplomats with some tough choices to make long after the world has ended. About 20,000 years long, to be more precise. This was great to see on a screen as I've already reviewed this and loved it. I again recommend catching this if you can. I voted for this as the winner. Am I biased? Yes, being Bender is my friend, but it should still win anyways.

Second, we have The Un-Gone, a short about transporter technology. You can guess from the title that something goes seriously awry. While this was more of a twilight zone or maybe more accurately outer limits piece, it had it's charm. It could have been filmed better, and had some CGI thrown in. This was 8 minutes long, and I would give it a 6 out of 10.

C. Agnieszka 2039 by Martin Gauvreau was a 12 minute short made in Poland and has beautiful women, flashy imagery, neon brights, and a science fiction disconnection. I really liked this, but I already knew I would after watching the trailer and trading emails with Martin, and btw we'll be putting up an official review of this sometime in the future as well as some of his other work. I give this a 7 out of 10.

4. Hahah like my numbering scheme? This is how crazy I feel after sitting in the theater for almost 12 hours straight, my back is killing me! Next is "Hairlady" which was completely pointless, but cool nonetheless. I think David Birdsell who made the movie actually thought of the cool idea of timelapsing himself growing his hair and beard and built the rest of the short around that. 6 out of 10, and lucky for you, the entire short is on youtube.

E. Surprisingly enough, I talked to a couple of people after the shorts program, and they liked Operation: Fish the most. It's a cute little tale, and these were people that looked like suckers for cutie cutie stuff. Man what is this a Hello Kitty backpack? Geeez.. I don't know what it's about, I was dozing through this one. Here's some trailerage:

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