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quietearth [Celluloid 10.23.07] post apocalyptic movie news

This is another overlooked action film, and more specifically martial arts. It has 5 times world kickboxing champ Lalee Hugyetz starring as the evil Golhardt. IMDB says it was released in May and I can't find it on netflix, but it is available on Amazon.

"A nuclear war has ravaged the world. What's left of society tries to rebuild, but a ruthless tyrant named Golhardt rises up up seize vast regions of land for himself. With the nation's capital in ruins, Golhardt and his thugs have managed to steal valuable historical documents, including the Declaration of Independence, and hide them. Now, it's up to Zen warrior and martial arts master Ben David to stop Golhardt and get back the Declaration of Independence so society can once again have a foundation of democracy to build on."

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