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quietearth [Celluloid 11.01.07] zombies movie news

The zombie goodness just rolls on, and this one might actually be post apocalyptic too. It just premiered at the VisionFest film festival on September 21st, and also played at Screamfest. No word on a dvd release date yet.

"Mankind’s greatest fear has become a reality, as a comet plummets through the atmosphere on a deadly collision course with Earth. Government officials have assured the public that there is nothing to fear, and the comet will fall harmlessly into the sea. The gravity of the situation borders on the destruction of life as we know it. The devastating impact results in a toxic cataclysmic cloud. The survivors of the impact find themselves in an all out war with the living dead. Trapped in an abandoned military installation a group of ordinary people fight to the death with zombie creatures, bent on the destruction of the last living souls on earth. They must find the courage to fight against impossible odds to stay alive and to have any chance of starting over. Humanity makes its last stand during these Days of Darkness."

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tom greenslade (13 years ago) Reply

lmao i never took the piss out of a film so much!
a grand total of 12 zombies!
an the fact their dicks fall off is 2 much
an they riped of so many other films 2 mak a giant peace of crap!

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