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quietearth [Celluloid 11.01.07] post apocalyptic movie news

While this is not new, it's really something of a rarity. I recently found they had a website, and low and behold, trailerage and dvdage! Now if only I could talk Steve Glenn into doing our radio show, he's hilarious! The poster says "The funniest thing to come out of Texas since Slacker" from Variety, hah. I thought the only thing to come out of Texas were steers and ... well you know the rest. This was originally shot in 1984 but fundage didn't come through till 1999, so it came out in the year 2g, werd. Review coming soon, just got the dvd today!

Also, this is NSFW! Put on some headphones!

"RADIO FREE STEVE, the world's last living radio pirate, gasses up his VAN and hits the post-apocalyptic highway, dealing pharmaceutical grade freedom to radio-listeners and death by crossbow to the vampire MUTANTS who dare skitter across his path.

Run out of Texas by the fascist censors of the FCC, Steve grabs his on-the-rag SLAVE GIRL Sheena and heads Westbound - into the Forbidden Zone - on a quixotic quest to find the last bastion of uncontaminated American culture: NEW LOS ANGELES."

Movie homepage:

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camilla (12 years ago) Reply

AAAHHHH this would make the best christmas present ever! where can I get this?!?!? please please let me know. I will pay for a copy of this.

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