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quietearth [DVD News 11.01.07] post apocalyptic movie news dvd

This is the second DVD release of RNOT, while it doesn't look like there's anything new, we still need to support all of our favorite genre movies. Available from Amazon.

"In the year 225 A.B. (After the Bomb), a group of post-apocalyptic bikers discover an abandoned research laboratory filled with food, water... and thousands of rats. But these are no ordinary vermin; these are super-intelligent mutant rodents with a ravenous appetite for human flesh. Can a bunch of heavily armed but not-too-bright human scavengers survive a night of terror against the most hungry and horrific predators on earth?

Directed by the notorious Bruno Mattei (HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD, EMANUELLE IN PRISON and SS EXPERIMENT LOVE CAMP), this hilarious Italian shocker is filled with over-the-top gore, bottom-of-the-barrel dialogue and attacks by what appear to be thousands of painted guinea pigs, all capped with a twist ending that must be seen to be believed. RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR has been fully restored from original vault elements and is presented completely uncut and uncensored."

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