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herbertwest [Celluloid 11.03.07] post apocalyptic news comic

So what does one do when an entire hemisphere gets destroyed in one fell swoop? Loot of course. Well not exactly, but that is the basic premise of Red 5 Comics new post apocalyptic title, Afterburn. Written by Scott Chitwood ( and Paul Ens (Star Wars: Evasive Action) and illustrated by Wayne Nichols (Lady Supreme: Supreme Sacrifice) this four issue bimonthly series starting in January 2008 follows a group of survivors of a massive solar flare that destroys the eastern hemisphere leaving all of the great classic treasures of the world (the Mona Lisa, the Rosetta Stone, the Crown Jewels) to be "recovered" for the highest bidder. The only problem is our treasure hunters must also face all the other hunters, rogue armies, pirates, and mutants that have been created from the flare radiation. This should be a very interesting title to watch as the creators themselves describe it as a cross between Indiana Jones and Mad max...I just hope for a little Firefly type humor to go along with the fallout as I do love me some post apocalyptic pirate humor.

Red 5 comics homepage with some sample pages:


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