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quietearth [Celluloid 11.05.07] zombies news book

Yes fans, there will be a sequel to this massive online hit which is now available in print form again thanks our friends over at Permuted Press. Wow look at that first print go for $85 min on Amazon. Yes, this has become a huge cult hit, and it could easily be made into a movie, it's just that good. Oh and did I mention, it's post apocalyptic?

"J.L. Bourne's Day by Day Armageddon helped usher in the modern zombie craze with it's unique angle on the post-apocalyptic world: a lone military man records his fight for survival in a world overrun with the living dead.

The new edition from Permuted Press features a whole new--and unique--layout, additional new content, and a new introduction by Z. A. Recht, author of Plague of the Dead"

Buy it on Amazon.

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J.L. Bourne (13 years ago) Reply

I'm a little embarrassed that the book sold for that high price. The new version truly is better in every way. I finally got my author copies of the book and it is truly unique.
-Keep your doors locked!
J.L. Bourne


Mathew F. Riley (13 years ago) Reply

Reviewed this at - looking forward to the sequel!

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