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Independent filmmaker Kristofer Velasquez has just released the second part to his anthology series Deadscapes on DVD. Spanning two episodes now, Deadscapes is a continuing set of Zombie films completely shot black and
white and following in the footsteps of classic shows such as The Twilight
Zone and Tales From The Darkside.

Episode 1: Broken Road was completed from start to finish in just 3 months and was budgeted at just over $10,000. In a homage to George Romero's Night Of The Living Dead, it is the story of survivors and their having to deal with conflicts amongst each other as well as surviving a zombie onslaught.

Deadscapes Episode 2 puts a twist on the genre as we follow Carl, a serial killer who just happens to be on the hunt as the dead start to rise.

Be sure to check out their web site for some great behind the scenes info including a blog from the filmmaker, stills, and a great write up on the history of Deadscapes.

Trailer for Part 1:

Trailer for Part 2:

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Kristofer Velasquez (13 years ago) Reply

Hi. Thanks for posting info on Deadscapes. Just to clarify though, this is a no-budget production. The last project (Circling The Drain) had a $10,000 budget. Not Deadscapes.

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