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herbertwest [Celluloid 11.14.07] movie news

From acclaimed director and Shakespearean actor Kenneth Branagh comes The Magic Flute, a fully orchestrated film based on the original two act opera written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Branagh, director of such films as Henry V, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, and Hamlet, through private funding crafted this latest version of The Magic Flute as set during the first World War. So far the film has only been presented during the Venice Film Festival, and is currently awaiting an official release.

Be sure to hit the web site as it is very interactive allowing you to interact with all 3,239 bars of Mozart's opera classic and has some hidden footage.

The original synopsis of The Magic Flute: The Queen of the Night is furious with the High Priest of Isis, Sarastro, because he has taken away her daughter, Pamina, in order to bring her up in the temple in the paths of purity and goodness, away from the evil influence of her mother. Tamino, a young Prince wandering forth in search of adventure, is saved from a monster by the attendants of the Queen of the Night who, in return for the service rendered him, sends him on the mission to rescue her daughter from the hands of the High Priest.

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