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quietearth [Celluloid 11.26.07] movie news horror thriller

From the director of Wrong Turn comes a new flick, which is in post-production, based on the double killings in Rochester, NY. Yes, it involves a serial killer, and this could be something straight off a Law and Order SVU episode. It also has the stunning Eliza Dushku as the main police investigator who starts having weird hallucinations of dead girls. The release is set for sometime in 2008.

"Rochester, NY. Megan Paige (Eliza Dushku) is a driven police investigator whose commitment to the job borders on obsession. Her fiance, Kenneth Shine (Cary Elwes), is also a lieutenant with the Rochester PD. They're currently working on one of their worst cases yet, the murder and rape of a ten year old girl named Carla Castillo. When Megan puts it together that she was murder in Churchville, Megan is convinced that they are dealing with a serial killer. She becomes so caught up, she begins to have hallucinations ... and a bloody Carla begins to haunt her regularly. When Megan cannot crack the case, it pushes her over the edge. She's diagnosed with an adult onset of paranoid schizophrenia that finds her in a psychiatric hospital instead of her precinct and to top it off, she breaks off her engagement with Kenneth. Two years later: Megan regains work for the department, but now in the shadow of her former capacity. Kenneth has been promoted to the Captain. Her relief comes from a support group for mental illness survivors and wheelchair-bound friend Richard Ledge (Timothy Hutton).

When another girl, Wendy Walsh is abducted, raped and murdered in Webster, Megan is convinced that the killer has resurfaced and her old fire is reheated. Against his better judgment, Kenneth allows Megan to ride along with inve3stigator Steven Harper (Tom Malloy), but only in an advisory capacity. However, soon after she is in the thick of things, her old symptoms start coming back, namely in the form of hallucinations of both dead girls now. Ledge tells her that she's flirting with disaster. Megan knows that the case is in danger of going gold with few leads, no suspects, and a serial killers on the loose."

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