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quietearth [Celluloid 11.30.07] movie news thriller

Starring Tim Roth, we have a bit of a sci-fi tip here but it isn't mentioned. An aging professor gets struck by lightning and his aging reverses, throwing him back to a young man. Limited theatrical release on December 14th, only in LA and NY.

"Dominic, an aging professor of linguistics who survives a cataclysmic event to find his youth miraculously restored. Dominic's physical rejuvenation is matched by a highly evolved intellect, which attracts the attention of Nazi scientists, forcing him into exile. While on the run, he reunites with his lost love, Laura, and works to complete his research into the origins of human language. When his research threatens Laura's well being, Dominic is forced to choose between his life's work and the great love of his life."

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