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quietearth [Celluloid 11.29.07] zombies movie news

Bruce LaBruce, famous for cult films with pornography is bringing us a new look at the zombie genre, sort of a gay flower eating kind. Apparently Otto has some aversion to eating flesh, an identity crisis..

"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a boy of no wealth and some distaste. My name is Otto. I unlive in Berlin sometimes, sometimes farther north, depending on mood. Then again, I only have one mood: dead. Undead. I find it difficult to make an unliving because I am homeless. I recently starred in a movie called Otto, made by a crazy lesbian avant-garde filmmaker named Medea Yarn. She paid me a little, but I'm waiting for the royalties. Speaking of royalty, I was once anointed Prince of the Zombies. It was at a garbage dump. You had to be there. You'll have to excuse me for now. I have to go eat some roadkill. A bientot. x Otto"

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Alex (12 years ago) Reply

This is so hot! I love you Bruce LaBruce!


marisa (12 years ago) Reply

ummm..i really don't understand this sort of stuff... i'm really not trying to be rude but i think u could do better then this.... i mean ZOMBIES come on... so last year... VAMPIRES are this years new craze...


gabi (12 years ago) Reply

this is so hot!!!!! i like zombies they are so hot and sexy


amanda (12 years ago) Reply

i think that zombies are so hot ad i lov zombies i tink there hot


Pothead (12 years ago) Reply

This isnt hot it looks like he's is eating a piece of chicken next to his moms grave like duhhh...


tayyy (12 years ago) Reply

This aint even scary like come on seriously no one can scare me and this is pathetic put on vampires.... they r more scary than zombies.


projectcyclops (12 years ago) Reply

Coming to my local cinema in a month, can't wait personally. Bruce LaBruce's films might be a little rough round the edges but this does appear quite weird and uncompromising, which is always good.


Carl XII (12 years ago) Reply

I just saw this movie and have to admit, it's an exceptional masterpiece. It's not meant to be scary and - come on! - Vampires are so totally 1970's! Where have you been raised, in a barrel?

Instead of scary this is more like artistic, peaceful film about loneliness in the world. And that's the most scariest thing you can easily imagine.


staceyhsm123 (12 years ago) Reply

this is the most hidious pic i have ever seen

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