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It's about time! We were wondering if this fell off the face of the earth. From SyFyPortal:

While no schedule has been officially announced by CBS, sources are telling SyFy Portal that the network is gearing up for a premiere of "Jericho's" second season during the last week of January.

"There isn't a lot of fare out there, so this could be a chance to help the network shine during sweeps," the source said. "The higher-ups here are paying attention to overall scheduling, and they're looking to do everything they can to make sure 'Jericho' isn't up against 'American Idol.'"

CBS announced last summer that "Jericho" would return for a shortened second season of seven episodes, but made it clear the show would be a mid-season replacement. It's unclear what would have to make room for "Jericho" to hit the air, but the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike may be helping it.

"There will be a few shows leaving the [schedule] because of ratings, but with writers on the picket lines, the net can be far more creative in how they schedule the show," the source said. "While the other nets will be depending on reality skeins, CBS wants to give a one-two punch with some strong scripted programming just in time for sweeps."

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