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quietearth [Celluloid 12.07.07] movie news drama

A boy with no short-term memory grows up to find he is continually befuddled by the world's dominance over him. This is hard to explain, but the tagline calls this an "anti-fairytale", so I'm thinking it's sort of like a Grimm fairytale. Even though we have a trailer, this seems to be due for 2009, with a sequel already in the works called "Caro Inside Out".

"1968: A mysterious man finds a boy and drops him off at The Rhode Island School For Boys. The headmaster, Sutherland, takes him in. The boy has no short-term memory but often asks for Caro syrup so they start calling him Caro. Dr. Black examines the boy and determines him to be about 15 years old. Miss Wills, the school nurse and psychologist, takes a special interest in Caro and begins working with him exclusively. She hypnotizes him and portrays the part of his mother during these sessions, thereby inspiring him to regain his memory. When things begin to take on a sexual nature between them, he runs away.

Caro hitchhikes to New York City. Walking into a diner, he meets a short order cook, Tinker, who hires him to be a delivery boy. Via his programming by Miss Wills, Caro desperately searches for his “purpose”. While running late to get to work, a diner cook mentions Douglas MacArthur to him. This triggers something inside of Caro and motivates him to research the general. He goes to the library and meets a cute blonde named Faye. Things heat up rapidly, and before long they’re having unprotected sex. Faye becomes pregnant and wants to get married. He agrees and they go to the justice of the peace. Once married, they open a joint bank account and start sharing a life together. The months fly by. Ultimately, the marriage ends disastrously.

Caro embarks on a pilgrimage to Little Rock, Arkansas, the birthplace of his hero, General MacArthur. Along the way, he stops in Kentucky and charms local bigwig, The Judge, who gives him new clothes, room and board, and a job as a teller at his bank. Caro labors for seven months before The Judge reveals that Caro is helplessly indebted to him. Sinking into a drunken depression, Caro piggybacks on a bank heist that goes awry. As punishment, The Judge sends Caro to work as groundskeeper at his mansion. It is there he finds a girl named Frances living in a bare cabin and wearing only a robe. Frances befriends him and reveals secrets about The Judge, their relationship, and the story behind her getting locked away without any possessions in the woods. Caro is her savior. Or is she out to trick him too?"

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christopher (13 years ago) Reply

wow - this sounds like an episodic mess! pity the trailer isn't available anymore. i'm curious as to how you summarize all that in a trailer lol.


quietearth (13 years ago) Reply

the trailer is available.. youtube sometimes shows it as "unavailable" when the page has been sitting for a while for some lame reason, juust do a reload. it looks great though!

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