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quietearth [Celluloid 12.12.07] post apocalyptic movie news documentary

I can't really say I'm excited as this debuted in 1986, but I know thre's lots of you out there still in love with the 80's era of PA film. This is basically a guide to the special effects used to make the movie. I haven't been able to find a trailer anywhere, so if anyone knows of one, please drop us a line!

"A shock to the senses! An unusual film-within-a-film that showcases the incredible talents of the special effects team in horror movies. The story at hand deals with the destruction of the world by a nuclear holocaust. All that remains on earth are Amazon women and mutant men. The film production is then "rewound" and the "architects of fear" (a.k.a. the special effects team) dissect each scene and show you how the scenes were created. This DVD is must see viewing for anyone with even the slightest interest in makeup, special effects or the movie making process in general. And of course fans of the horror genre will love this as well."

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