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quietearth [Celluloid 12.14.07] movie news horror

Seven floors, six people. I've always had some fascination with hospitals and sanitariums turned into some putrid, evil maze. and this just looks awesome. Apparently it's helmed by and stars Finnish "monster rock" band Lordi. This was done in English, so let's hope we get it soon. It drops in Finland on February 8th. We have a teaser and trailer following!

"Concerned for her autistic daughter’s health, the father sees a removal from the hospital by force as the only option. An elevator break-down prevents a smooth exit and renders them trapped with others. Yet the incident is only the beginning of a descent into nightmare. As the doors open the hospital appears mysteriously deserted. When mutilated bodies are found, creatures from a dark world start a frightening attack. It soon becomes clear that the survival of the group may rest solely on the little girl."

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