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quietearth [Celluloid 12.21.07] movie news scifi drama

Seemingly continuing the tradition of 1980's teenage angst films is a flick which premiered in June at the Seattle Intl. Film Festival. A lot of references have been made to the early works of Lynch and other such genre filmmakers, and after watching the trailer I can see why. This looks like it'll be a great watch. On a side note, the director Paul Todisco worked as an assistant editor on the show "Andy Richter controls the universe".

"One Day Like Rain" is a mystical coming-of-age story set in American suburbia. Driven by a desire for meaning and to channel her teenage angst, Gina devises a metaphysical experiment designed to save humanity from their self-destructive ways. Her best friend Jennifer agrees to participate and as a result experiences a heightened state of reality. But this blissful state soon turns dark and Jennifer faces the consequences of meddling with forces she cannot control. Gina vows to quit, but is encouraged to continue by her mentor Ian, a mysterious man who seems to be aware of all of Gina's activities. Gina is faced with a huge decision, as the coming-of-age story becomes an end-of-the-world drama. The film is set against the backdrop of American suburbia, and reminiscent in tone of 'Donnie Darko' and early David Lynch."

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