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quietearth [Celluloid 12.25.07] movie news drama

Unfortunately there isn't any Turkish translator that is remotely functional, so I can't find any synopsis on this, but it's a war drama and it looks simply stunning! There's a trailer embedded after the break and you can hit a higher-res version on the movie homepage. Check it out!

Synopsis: "Nefes (Breath) is the story of a 40 men team commanded by a Captain. It tells the pains, happinesses and life struggle, of 40 soldiers who have been assigned to defend a relay station at the 2365 meter altitude Karabal hill, as they perform their duties." Thanks again to Twitch.

Movie homepage
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lifesagame (12 years ago) Reply

there is a new trailer of this film.its impressive as the old one.My hope of this film steadily grows.


Ferhat DAGDEVIREN (12 years ago) Reply

Movie Comes out in february in Turkey, should hit the theatres in europe around early may. Movie is based on a true life story. How the young guns of Turkey are defending their homeland against the kurdish terrorists (pkk). This movie is an everyday life of a Turkish soldier that is paying his country back his duties.


f (11 years ago) Reply

movie comes out in 29 octobor 2009 in Turkey


turk (11 years ago) Reply

movie is so sensible u cant stop crying at the end of the movie especially when u r a turk


zehra (11 years ago) Reply

when is this film coming to london cinames. please give me date. thank you...


tornaci (11 years ago) Reply

You should watch a sequence from nefes with subtitles.


damla (11 years ago) Reply

Is this movie coming to Australia? If it is could you let me know when.


tatar (11 years ago) Reply

herkez izlesin türkün gücünü..


Oz (11 years ago) Reply

This is such a great movie... I cried several times throughout and it makes me so proud to be a Turk. It's about time that our soldiers had some recognition for the sacrifices they make under the harshest conditiions and against an enemy so vicious and brutal that they make the IRA look like a bunch of naughty schoolboys letting off firecrackers!

Also, on a calmer note... This may not rank with the likes of Saving Private Ryan, but it is a huge sign of the growing maturity of Turkish film making.

Sehitler olmez, vatan bolunmez!
(Martyrs never die, our nation will never be divided)

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