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quietearth [Celluloid 12.27.07] movie news drama

From what I can gather this is most likely to do with the punk gatherings called "Chaostage" or Chaos Days back in 94 or 95 where punks from all over Germany gathered and things got out of control. There was quite a bit of violence and thieving of liquor and it held the nations attention for the next few weeks. Here's a more personal aspect as part of the story, complete with skinheads. Unfortunately the translated synopsis isn't that great, but hey, blame Google. Slated for 2008.

Translate synopsis:

Previously, I sometimes wondered why I am become punk. Today, I just push any button on my remote control. "
Johnny Rotten, lead singer of the Sex Pistols

CHAOSTAGE is faster, louder, härter-und so unpredictable punk just as can be.

Germany to a normal weekend in the summer. Punks, skins and autonomous - as their paths crossed it comes to disaster-for CHAOSTAGEN.

The film tells a story of how she anytime, anywhere could happen again. The right mix of beer, sun, music, a Swiss army knife and a breeze anger in the belly to be explosive mixture ....

The story of Mitch, which once and for all the snout has fully from the same forever, tired punk stagnation and his pal Didi, and inconspicuously in the background to the bomb burst.

Eddie, the leader of the Nazi skins, which is a fairly condemned to an inglorious secret with herumschleppt.
Anita, which belongs to the Nazis, but already quite long after others seek.
And Brunner, apparently not small to kriegende bull.
They all come together at a point when the boiler to brodeln begins ....

In CHAOSTAGE come to speak with witnesses, Punk sizes, the taste of asphalt close miterlebten, the history with their own eyes could see ....

CHAOSTAGE offered everyone the opportunity to be a performer and Statist to apply. The result is Germany's first true punk film, with exactly the people who are in punk, and the film as authentic reality, as Punk always has been.

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