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Lady Wasteland - Episode five of seven pilot episodes released Friday, Dec 28th.

Portland, OR
December 28th, 2007
Episode Five of the Lady Wasteland pilot series No Breaks, goes live this Friday morning at 12:01am PST.

Episode 5: No Breaks - Yuri takes one down, and moves on to the next

Wasteland Films has been actively tracking the growing popularity of the series and thus far the series has been viewed tens of thousands of times. They've also received front-page placement on many major video sharing sites such as and, where it received three editor's choice awards.

Welcome to the wasteland. Enjoy the decay.

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

Duuuude. Bad acting, meandering storyline, pointless dialog, and some guy who was high and or drunk choreographed the fight scenes. And those are the good points! I TOTALLY get that indie stuff like this should be encouraged, but damn! When I find myself watching the episodes only to see if the main heroine shows off her sizable rack, something is wrong. Speaking of that, if a movie can't have ANY of the elements that would make it a "good movie", then why not a little T&A? A movie with crappy content can't afford to take itself as seriously as this one... Two thumbs down, Siskel.


drlaza (14 years ago) Reply

i still have to say i think its a very nice series, because it wouldnt be a blockbuster if made in a great movie, it doesnt mean its not good. make better if you can.

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