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quietearth [Celluloid 01.02.08] post apocalyptic movie review news short

Having missed this short version of the forthcoming feature at Toronto After Dark, I was pretty unhappy as this was one of the few things I really wanted to see. Fortunately, after trading some emails with creator, director, and impresario John Bergin, he sent me a copy, and I have to say I was not disappointed. In fact, it blew away any expectations I had. A tantalizing mixture of art and CGI, John Bergin's From Inside straddles a line between film, graphic novel, and campfire fable which makes it a delicious combination of movie and book.

Now in order to explain this, imagine watching a stationary painting with some slight movement of the foreground or background elements. Insert the voice-over of our female protagonist with her melancholy internal dialogue, and this is what I just got to see. It feels exactly like watching a book, the internal eye wanders with the words, having the screen as a starting point.

Cee, our main character, describes a world where floods have swept away everything she loved. In a single day and night, the whole world turned to blood. The human race turned against one another for survival, all of this amidst the rain. Cee lost everything, her home, her husband, and even herself. When the blood rain stopped she boarded a refugee train, and for days and weeks they see nothing but blood, which sometimes rises above the tracks.

The short presents us with no clue as to what caused the decimation, but this only leads us to more curiosity. Cee thinks at one point that we made it this way, insinuating some type of collective guilt, but goes no further. Some of the stills available off the official website imply something, but at this point we will leave this to your own perusal.

Normally we would do a review of this, but as breathtaking as it is, we can assure you it is not necessary. This was just a short version of the feature length film John is making which will be done soon and hitting the festival circuit this year. We will definitely let you know further information as we can't wait to see it either!

Videos and stills on official website

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