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quietearth [Celluloid 01.07.08] movie news scifi

The poster looked so cool I couldn't pass this one by. Based on the popular serial manga of the same name, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what this will involve. From what little I can find, it has something to do with mass destruction and robots, so if you have further info, please edify us! The following synopsis is for the manga off wikipedia.

"Growing older is pretty rough and Kenji is finding out just how hard it can be as life starts wearing down on him. On top of trying to make ends meet running a convenience store he has to care for the niece that his missing sister left in his care. Memories of youth make it easier, until those memories come back to haunt him.

Kenji and his old friends are slowly being drawn into a mysterious conspiracy that could threaten the world. Who is the mysterious "Friend" and how does he tie into Kenji's youth? Why are there disappearances and deaths tied into Ochanomizu University? Their memories hold the keys to the puzzle, but time and age have clouded their minds.

The strange occurrences and the reach of the "Friend" conspiracy grow by the day. It will all culminate on New Year's Eve 2000. Will Kenji and the others be able to put together the puzzle and save the world?"

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