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quietearth [Celluloid 01.17.08] movie news scifi

In a recent article we focused on The Gene Generation, a science fiction epic about DNA hacking unlike anything we've seen before. The vision the director displays is what initially attracted me to this film, that it might be something as profound as Alex Proyas's "Dark City" or David Cronenberg's "Naked Lunch". I have been anxiously awaiting a release since but unfortunately, information has been scarce. I recently found via their myspace blog that the film does indeed have a sales agent, and was lucky enough to trade some emails with director Pearry Teo. So read on for a sneak peak at how the film is doing, and don't forget, there will be plenty more to come!

QE: When will we get to see it?
PT: That's a question for the sales agent.

QE: Is your sales agent in talks with any distributors for an imminent release anywhere?
PT: Yes, we are definitely in talks for a worldwide release. We know that Germany is our biggest focus right now, second would be the united states. We are still discussing creative art that will be put out to the general public.

QE: I think the thing I really want to know the most is, with the whole German expressionism style we see in the trailers, is this going to be something as massive, in terms of beauty, as say Dark City?
PT: I'm surprised you said dark city, which was definitely one of my influences. German Expressionism, popularized by Alex Proyas in The Crow, was one of the key themes in the visual outlook of the movie. We have over 320 shots in the movie showing the city which I think is very important to the overall feel of The Gene Generation. I wanted to create something surreal, like straight out of a Manga but with the feel of 'The Crow' and 'Dark City' (both by the same director). In fact, I excluded a lot of shots in the trailer of the city because they tend to be very long and epic and we needed something fast in the trailer. So yes, you're going to get your dose of the city in the movie. But I had to very careful that I'm not merely showing off but using the City to reflect on the changing moods of the character. I like the idea of a city that becomes one with it's citizens. So it comes to no surprise, that like dark city, you only see a few seconds of sun creeping through the clouds. heh heh

QE: Is there any new pics or footage coming soon?
PT: Check our myspace, it will have all the latest updates. You can even request things you want to see, and I'll do what I can about putting it up. I try to respond to everybody I can in there.

Thanks Pearry! Folks, if you want to see more, check out the synopsis and trailer on our previous post here.

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