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quietearth [Film Festival 01.17.08] movie news drama

Everybody loves it when the bad guy gets away with it (well maybe that's just me) and this film is based on a the true story of a skyjacking in the 70's that remains unsolved to this day. That was the story of DB Cooper, the pseudonym for the guy who jumped from the plane after receiving his ransom. Authorities maintain he didn't survive the fall, but in October of 2007, the FBI announced they had a partial match of his DNA from a tie he left on the plane, so I guess they need something to match it to. Regardless, sheer nostalgia should make this a big draw.

"On 24 November 1971, someone who called himself Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 that was on its way to the airport of Seattle-Tacoma. Armed with an attaché case in which he said there was a bomb, he demanded $200,000 ransom and four parachutes, which he was then given."

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The Skyjackers (14 years ago) Reply

Hey there! Thanks for the add. Check out our new (improved) trailer at YouTube. Just do a search for The Skyjacker. Rock n' roll.

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