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quietearth [Celluloid 01.18.08] post apocalyptic movie news scifi

Thanks to co-writer/producer Roger Lay Jr. and the fine folks over at Urban Archipelago, we bring you an exclusive sneak peak into the upcoming faithful adaption of Ray Bradbury's short story, Chrysalis. Why do I say faithful you ask? Mr. Bradbury has read and commented on every draft of the script, the conceptual art, the special effects design, and the storyboards. He is also very thrilled with how the film is progressing as they've consulted with him every step of the way. They are really making a concerted effort to keep this as close to the source material as possible. I can also tell you they have confirmed the film is DEFINITELY post apocalyptic, so we add another to look forward to on the left bar of upcoming PA films.

First off, the picture to the right contains part of the cast with the chrysalis, which is comprised of: John Klemantaski, Darren Kendrick, Corey Landis, Elina Madison, Glen Vaughan, and Larry Dirk. The film is directed by Tony Baez Milan who co-wrote the screenplay with Roger Lay Jr. The effects are done by emmy award winning Romaire studios who did Nightmares and Dreamscapes as well as the hit HBO drama, Six Feet Under.

Now let's recap the synopsis again in case you missed it:

"In the future: The world is ravaged, a third world war has left our planet in a state of decay. In a research facility a handful of scientists research ways to sustain plant life. Scientist Benjamin Rockwell has been called to this decaying research facility. One of the scientists there, Smith, apparently has died. Smith lies on a table, his body transformed, his eyes and mouth grown shut. After getting over the shock, and completing an examination, Rockwell realizes that there is still a pulse within Smith... His body continues changing...a Chrysalis has grown around Smith in order to protect him. Now in earth’s darkest hours these scientists must figure out what mysteries lay inside the CHRYSALIS."

Mmmmmm.. tasty.. Now if only I could get them to do "Usher II" from The Martian Chronicles next! There's no set release date although they did let me know it would be dropping sometime this year, and no trailer yet, but we'll have more updates later!

A glimpse of the Chrysalis.

What the earth looks like in the story.

Smith (Glen Vaughn) holding one of the few remaining plants which has been kept artificially alive.

Glen Vaughn as the character Smith.

Roger Lay Jr. with legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury.

Director Tony Baez Milan and Producer Roger Lay Jr. with the Chrysalis.

Roger Lay Jr. with yet another look at the Chrysalis.

Thanks to Roger and everyone over at Urban Archipelago!

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