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quietearth [Celluloid 01.24.08] movie news scifi

Every now and then you stumble across one of those films that makes your jaw drop, something which looks so incredible, you want to be able to hit the play button right now. I just found one of those on the lineup at the Göteborg International Film Festival which starts today. Apparently this came out last year and has been running the festival circuit, and for some of you lucky Europeans it's out in Poland and France. Written and directed by Esteban Sapir, the film is set in what looks like an alternate 1950's complete with an incredibly ambitious vision akin to that of Dark City, straight down to the spirals. (Uzumaki conspiracy!) Check out the trailer and synopsis below, this one is simply stunning.

"In a wintry metropolis in the year xx, the merciless Mr.TV rules. The whole city is without a voice and he has monopolised word and image. People watch TV and eat the TV meals produced by Mr. TV. Mr. TV is working on a sinister plan with a dangerous hypnotic machine that operates through the TV to ensure that all life will be subjected to him forever. To achieve this, he kidnaps the only one who still has The Voice - a stunningly beautiful singer. The director uses the language of silent film for this fairytale about the power of the human voice."

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