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quietearth [DVD News 01.28.08] post apocalyptic movie news dvd horror

Spanish post apocalyptic horror film The Dark Hour is finally getting an English friendly release (that's subtitled) from Brazil, and it's coming out February 27th. It's already been released in Germany (no subs) and it's available for rent in the UK (but not for retail), so it's about time we were able to enjoy this. It's been doing pretty good on the festival circuit, and the whole storyline and PA settings just makes me want to see it all the more. Synopsis and linkage following.

"The eight years boy Jesús has been living in a crumbling underground facility since he was born with eight survivors of an apocalyptical war: the leader Maria and her lover Pablo; the gays Lucas and Mateo; the astronomer Magdalena and the teenager Ana; the soldier Pedro and the lonely Judas. They are permanently is state of surveillance, threatened by the contaminated mutants The Strangers and once a day they have to lock themselves in their rooms without heating to protect against the dangerous ghosts The Invisibles that attack in the Cold Hour. They cannot go to the surface, destroyed by a nuclear war. When they need supplies, medications and ammunitions, they organize expeditions to a store. When the menace of The Invisibles affects the safety of the group of survivors, they need to reach the surface."

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vree (13 years ago) Reply

I saw the german version and personally I think this movie sucks, at least the end. But someone will like it.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

for me the ending doesnt suck....its hard to get, it makes you think.

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