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quietearth [Celluloid 01.31.08] movie news drama

This is great news for those who loved Searching for Bobby Fischer and for those of us into chess. Kevin Macdonald, director of Last King of Scotland and many many documentaries, has been tapped by Universal to do an entire movie on the great battle between Bobby Fischer and then world champ Boris Spassky which happened in 1972. While Fischer attended this match against the US Department of Treasury's advisement that activities in Yugoslavia were illegal, he went ahead anyways and never returned to the US after they issued a warrant for him. Fischer died earlier this month from kidney failure, having spent most of his life in seclusions, which is why I guess we're seeing a film now. He was also know for his anti-US and anti-semitic rants, which is probably why notoriously political Hollywood wants to keep away from this aspect of his life. This should be epic considering this event was considered a major battle of the Cold War. Information on when principal photography will start is not available.

via Variety

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