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quietearth [Celluloid 01.31.08] movie news scifi action

A whole metal godzilla going head to head with Transformers 2.. nice. This originated way back in 1976 and was the first Korean animated feature. Now it's getting a redux the cgi way and the test clips which follows looks great, but just a smidge below Transformers grade. (Hey, you got the patience to render a single frame in 3 days?) From wikipedia, Robot Taekwon V is about an evil scientist bent on world domination (pinky and the brain.. they're pinky and the brain) who builds an army of robots to kidnap world class athletes. To fight off this attack another scientist builds Robot Taekwon V a robot powered by his son who fuses his takekwon-do movements with the robots to kick some butt.

Test clip
via Twitch

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