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quietearth [Celluloid 01.31.08] movie news drama

I ran across this yesterday and after reading the synopsis and watching the trailer I knew this had some serious potential. Set in Seattle Washington is what Joe calls a "teenage fairytale" about two girls trying to find their way in the world, and eventually finding each other. It's basically a film for young people by young people, and it's tantalizingly low budget, done in guerrilla style shooting with Vietnam war-era cameras. This is Joe's first feature length film and it stars Beth Ison as Jody and Jennipher Foster as Liz. Synopsis and trailer below the break!

"It’s summer and 19 year-old Liz sets out on a mission to find love while serving drinks at an espresso drive-thru in Seattle. Across town, a young hippie girl, Jody, seeks answers in drugs while shuffling papers at her father’s office. When Liz meets a graffiti artist and Jody ditches work to sell ice cream in an old green truck, they seem set for the time of their lives. But the summer takes an unexpected turn the day Jody pulls up to Liz’s coffee stand…"

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Teresa Sparling (14 years ago) Reply

The movie is interesting and beautiful. Beth Ison is particularly intriguing.


Natalie Longergan (13 years ago) Reply

This movie was horrible. No plot or story line to speak of. I found it boring with terrible acting. I wish I could have gotten a refund.

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