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quietearth [Film Festival 02.04.08] post apocalyptic interview

PAUK has scored a major coup with an intimate interview with director Neil Marshall about his upcoming film Doomsday, but probably more importantly, his post-apocalyptic love and influences. Apparently it takes some action cues from Mad Max 2 (shocking huh?) He also mentions he hasn't fully explored the PA genre and is currently looking for After the Fall of New York. Someone hook the man up! Link to the interview after the break.

Interview here!

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soma (10 years ago) Reply

I like the fact he says he's made a lot of the effects just using the camera.

I also think that's the bus I get to work every day in the bottom photo. haha


Brett (10 years ago) Reply

I totally never would have picked the Mad Max influence ...

By the way, did you see that io9 declared Quiet Earth to be 'The coolest post-apocalyptic blog in the universe'?

True enough.


quietearth (10 years ago) Reply

Haha yeah I saw that.. Quiet Earth for shizzle!

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