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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 02.07.08] Tuvalu news action comedy

Based on the comic strip "Get The Freebies" which ran in UK magazine The Face in the late 1990's is something I could only attribute to the severe Doctor Who/Monty Python wackiness that comes only out of the United Kingdom. The show is set from the perspective of the disaffected teenage female protagonist, Whitey Action, who joins together with tough gay kung-fu cop Terry Phoo to form a dubious crime-fighting duo who thwart many mutant miscreants of The Freebies Gang on the streets of London in 2012. Well I guess there won't be any star/co-star love going on! Set to debut on BBC3 on Tuesday, February 12th at 9pm. Check the trailer after the link, I think we'll all be checking this one out!

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loempiavreter (12 years ago) Reply

Shite I need to read the comic and see this stuff, right now!

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